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Origin of life has always been the topic of debate. Few researchers believed that the life was created by God and others were of the view that it originated from a single cell. However, the whole scientific community still debates the solid affirmation on the origin of life. We along with ISRO, IUCAA and TIFR have now initiated a study to aid to the current knowledge. Our previous expedition to the stratosphere evidenced the occurrence of micro-organisms in the upper atmosphere at altitudes of 17–85 km. Now, with the advent of Nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry (NanoSIMS), it is now possible to analyses the isotopic ratio of even a single microbial cell. Therefore, we also assume that the persistent of microbes found in the upper atmosphere could be a possible inoculum on to the earth and which could be detected because of the notable isotopic composition differences. This could be a step towards understanding the ‘ORIGIN OF LIFE’.