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Facilities at The Yss Lab


Research at the YSS lab is centered at microbial diversity and ecology from various niches ranging from environment, insect gut to human microbiome.

The YSS lab is equipped with state-of-art equipment for research in Microbiology and Bioinformatics. Facilities right from sampling equipment’s such as uniprobe for onsite field measurements is available. Extensive culture based isolations can be carried out using our aerobic and anaerobic facilities. Microscopy, histology and recording is possible with our Microscopy facility. Our in-house biochemistry and molecular laboratory is fully equipped for further characterization of isolates.

Identification of microbes is routinely done by in-house MALDI-TOF-MS, FAME, PCR and 16S rRNA gene sequencing on automated sequencer ABI 3730 XL. We are a part of NCMR, which ease us with the deposition of microbial culture in a notable culture collection. Thus ensuring a complete range of facilities required for description of a novel bacterium. The lab is also equipped with a wide range of cold storage facilities (4°C, -20o C and -80°C) and lyophilizer for sample and bacterial preservation.

We also house some of the major high-end facilities for real time quantifications, genomics and metagenomics studies. We are capable to conduct basic metabolomics studies using GC and HPLC. We possess integrated research laboratories for trainees, project assistants, Ph. D., and Postdoc ensuring exchange of ideas and research insights.

A separate Bioinformatics Lab is equipped with high computational power servers with state of the art workstations designed for Next Generation Sequencing analysis, simulations and other high throughput and computational intensive analytics for multi-omics analysis.

All the laboratories are equipped with computers and projectors for interactive teaching and learning. Joint-sharing of facilities with NCMR allows for an integrated research experience. Library housed at NCMR is stocked with all the reference books and textbooks along with online subscription to research journals and online databases.