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Human Microbiome across diffrent age groups across India

Human Microbiome

Human Microbiomes across different age groups in indian population

Indian population provides unique opportunities to understand the human microbiome. It is a unique conglomeration of genetically and ethnically diverse groups having varied dietary habits and residing in vast biogeography locations. In addition to the evolutionary forces, strict endogamous marriages have been responsible for high levels of diversity and stratification amongst Indian population.

The aim of this study was to improve the current understanding of the age related changes across the generations of the patrilineal families. In the present study, we investigated the stool, oral, and skin microbiome of healthy individuals belonging to six patrilineal joint families with three generations staying in the same household. Homogeneity in the diet, living standard and environment of the individuals from the study population promises to have minimal effect of such confounding factors on the human microbiome. We showed that minimal effect of age on human microbiome if other known microbiome contributing factors kept constant. In addition, the microbiome profile of the present study population explained the unique microbial assemblage in comparison to Asian, African and American populations.