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Microbial Dynamics in Mass Gathering Event

The Kumbh Mela is considered to be the world’s largest periodic religious mass gathering event (MGE) hosted on the banks in rotation 12 years. The logarithmic rise in the number of devotees, from around 0.4 million in 1903 to 120 million in 2013, bathing in close proximities may have a deleterious impact on river ecosystem as well as human health. Huge load of skin microbiota being introduced during bathing event act as a critical biotic strain, affecting microbial community by casting sudden and substantiate decrease in diversity. Imputed metagenome demonstrated the increase in drug resistance and inflated pathogenic microorganisms. Augmentation of such pathogens in the river during MGE increases risk of water-borne infections and diseases which may cause serious health issues at local and global scale.