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T2D and Microbiome


T2D and Microbiome

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is one of the complex multisystem disorders and most common non-communicable disease worldwide. In Asia, India shares large proportion of individual suffering with diabetes, currently affects more than 62 million Indians. Lifestyle, genetics are proposed to be the key drivers of type 2 diabetes, this disorder is characterised by insufficient insulin production and/or insulin sensitivity leading to hyperglycemia.

Recently, some form of consensus has been developed with respect to specific association of gut microbiota and T2D. Thus we are focusing on assessment of alterations in the microbial community in disease state along with various biochemical and immunological parameters related to diabetes. In addition, metatranscriptomics profiles will be obtained to understand active or functional microbial communities and differential gene expression involved in disease transition from healthy to pre-diabetic to diabetic state.

The main goal of the study is to identify microbiota-based biomarkers for diabetes and investigation of microbial association and functional gene repertoire to distinguish between healthy subjects and subjects at risk of the disease. This study will also help to understand the effect of anti-diabetic drugs on the restoration of healthy microbiome (if any) in the light of community structure and its function.